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Hydraulic Power Station for SELAM

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  • HYP18

  • Selam

Introducing the 18 Horsepower Hydraulic Power Station - now with upgraded features! This powerful machine is equipped with both single and double circuits, allowing for customizable oil supply and pressure to suit your specific equipment needs. Perfect for outdoor hydraulic tools such as hydraulic breakers, circular saws, chain saws, and pumps, this power station is capable of completing a wide range of tasks with stable performance, no electricity required, low noise, and ample power.

All moving parts of the 18 Horsepower Hydraulic Power Station work in a relatively closed hydraulic oil environment, ensuring minimal exposure to dirt and debris. Additionally, the one-key emergency stop button ensures quick and safe shutdown in case of any unexpected situations, guaranteeing the safety of both personnel and machinery. Trust in the reliability and versatility of the 18 Horsepower Hydraulic Power Station for all your hydraulic power needs.

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