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Submersible Hydraulic Slurry Drainage Equipment

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  • RMW(Ⅰ)

  • Selam

1.Product description

RMW (Ⅰ) intelligent crawler-type slurry drainage equipment is a special intelligent slurry drainage equipment developed for urban emergency rescue. It is equipped with off-road crawler driving mechanism and can work underwater.

RMW (Ⅰ) intelligent crawler-type slurry drainage equipment uses our company's

hydraulic power station equipment as the power source to drive two slurry pumps. It can be used

in urban garages, subway stations, tunnels, culverts, urban narrow roads and other areas that are

not suitable for people to enter for mud and drainage operations.

2.Product Features:

1. The equipment is highly mobile and can be mounted on a light transport vehicle to quickly reach the waterlogged area for pumping and drainage operations.

2. The equipment has a large drainage flow, and the pumped water can be delivered to a safe area hundreds of meters away.

3. The walking device and the water pump of the equipment are driven by hydraulic pressure,which runs smoothly and avoids the risk of electricity of traditional water pumps.

If you have special requirements on material, flow rate, head ,appearance etc, please contact us, we can provide you with non-standard products according to your needs.

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