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4 Inch OEM Single Stage Hydraulic Slurry Pump

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4 inch hydraulic slurry pump

Product overview of 4 inch hydraulic slurry pump

As a powerful assistant in the industrial field, the 4 -inch hydraulic slurry pump is a compact and excellent slag discharge equipment. This hydraulic slurry pump is core with advanced hydraulic models. With its efficient and low energy consumption characteristics, it has become a powerful partner for mines, coal, power, chemical industry and other industries.

Product characteristics of 4 inch hydraulic slurry pump

1. Efficient energy: The integrated casting of the 4 -inch hydraulic slurry pump is carefully optimized to ensure the perfect combination of high efficiency and low energy consumption. While reducing production costs, the overall economic benefits have been improved. Through accurate flow tract design, the slurry reduces resistance during the flow and increases the conveying efficiency of the pump.

2. Good abrasion resistance: In order to cope with the severe wear of the slurry to overcurrent components, we have selected high wear-resistant materials. After special treatment, these materials have excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, ensuring the long life and continuous stability of the hydraulic slurry pump. Even under extreme operating conditions, it can maintain a stable operating state.

3. Good sealing: In order to prevent the slurry from leaking, the 4 -inch hydraulic slurry pump uses advanced mechanical sealing technology. This sealing technology combines high quality materials, providing reliable sealing performance for the pump, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment, and reducing maintenance costs.

4. Convenient maintenance: Considering the convenience of actual use, we have designed a simple disassembly process. The maintenance personnel can easily complete the disassembly and assembly of the pump, which greatly shortens the maintenance time and reduce the maintenance cost. At the same time, the carefully designed layout makes the replacement of parts more convenient and fast.

5. High reliability: During the production process, we have conducted strict quality control and durability testing each part. This ensures that the 4 -inch hydraulic slurry pump can run stably under various bad conditions, providing customers with reliable support. High -quality parts combined with advanced technology, so that the hydraulic slurry pump can perform well in various complex environments.

Specification parameters of 4 inch hydraulic slurry pump

This 4 -inch hydraulic hydraulic slurry pump has a series of specifications of specifications to enable it to meet different application needs. The flow range from 120m³/h to 230m³/h can meet the needs of most residue scenes. The range range from 10m to 25m, ensuring the transportation capacity of the slurry at a different height. The entry and exit diameter is 4 inch, which is convenient for the connection of the pipeline. The motor driving method ensures stable power output. These specifications parameters together ensure the stable and efficient performance of the 4 -inch hydraulic slurry pump in different environments.

Precautions for use of 4 inch hydraulic slurry pump

In order to ensure the stable operation of the 4 -inch hydraulic slurry pump and extend the service life of the use, pay attention to the following points when used: First, check whether the import and export pipeline of the pump is firmly connected to avoid the leakage caused by loosening; second, keep the pump pump. The cleansing of the body to prevent the entry of the debris from affecting the normal operation; at the same time, pay attention to observing the operation of the pump. If an abnormal sound or vibration should be discovered in time, it should be stopped in time; in addition, the mechanical seal such as mechanical seal is found to ensure the sealing performance; in the end, strict, strict Operate in accordance with the operating regulations to avoid damage to the pump illegal operation. Through the observance of these precautions, the 4 -inch hydraulic slurry pump can maintain high -efficiency and stable performance in long -term use.

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