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76HP Skid-mounted Hydraulic Power Pack for Selam

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  • CHYP76

  • Selam

1. Product Features:

HYP (G) hydraulic power pack can be set up with single circuit or multi-circuit, which can be set freely according to the oil supply and pressure of the equipment used, with reliable and stable operation and low noise.

1. All moving parts work in a relatively closed hydraulic oil environment, and it is difficult for dirt to enter. This not only ensures that the maintenance of the hydraulic power station is simple, the failure rate is low, and the service life is long.

2. The equipment has compact structure and stable operation. It can be placed in a tool cart or equipped with a fixed hydraulic pump station.

3. Driven by a diesel engine, equipped with a large-capacity hydraulic oil tank and an efficient cooling system, the machine can continue to work for a long time.

4. The skid frame is made of steel, which has good vibration resistance, and the machine is also very stable when it is running under load.

5. External hydraulic filter, easy to replace.

6. There is a one-key stop button, which can quickly stop in case of emergency to ensure the safety of personnel and machinery and equipment.

7. Equipped with a working hour meter, which is convenient for maintenance.

8. The fuel tank is equipped with an electronic fuel gauge display, which can monitor the fuel quantity in real time.

2. Fields of product application

HYP (G) is a fixed and moveable hydraulic power pack, which provides a convenient and reliable power source for various hydraulic equipment. It has the characteristics of high work efficiency and stable work.

One hydraulic power pack can be connected to drive various forms of petrochemical hydraulic drilling rigs, mine crushing, large hydraulic pumps, hydraulic drives and other equipment.

If you have special requirements on material, flow rate, head ,appearance etc, please contact us, we can provide you with non-standard products according to your needs.

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