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550HP Customized Skid-mounted Strong Power Hydraulic Power Pack

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  • CHYP550

  • Selam

1. Product Features:

550HP hydraulic power pack is mauufactured independently by Selam. It has high power and prefect performance in providing power source. It is a non-standard model of Selam. 

The 550HP hydraulic power pack has high efficiency. It can used in more field.

1. All parts of the equipment work in a closed environment-hydraulic oil. And it is not easy for dirt to enter. So it can reduce the rate of failure and mistakes. And makes maintenance of the equipment become easier. 

2. Compact structure and stable operation.

3. The hydraulic power pack is equipped with a large-capacity hydraulic oil tank and an efficient cooling system. It can make the machine work for long time.

4. The skid frame is made of steel,it is durable and not easy be out of shape.

5.And addition advance for this equipment is the external hydraulic filter, easy to replace.

If you have special requirements on material, flow rate, head ,appearance etc.Please feel free contact us, we can provide for customized design according to your needs.

WhatsApp: +8618355335420

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