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High Pressure hydraulic drainage equipment for urban flood control

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  • RMSP-V

  • Selam

Introducing the RMSP Intelligent Drainage Device - the ultimate solution for enhancing your city's emergency flood response capabilities! This specialized drainage equipment comes in two models - the V-shaped tracked and W-shaped wheeled - both designed to provide maximum efficiency in draining water. Powered by a high-performance diesel engine, this hydraulic-driven system is capable of handling large volumes of water with ease.

Featuring a diesel power cabin, equipment cabin, and a remote-controlled drainage robot, the RMSP Intelligent Drainage Device is perfect for draining water from underground parking lots, tunnels, highways, subways, factories, and other areas where human access is limited. With its advanced technology and superior performance, this product is a must-have for any city looking to improve its flood response capabilities. Don't wait any longer - get your RMSP Intelligent Drainage Device today and be prepared for any emergency situation!

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