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High Flow for Hydraulic Axial Flow Pump

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  • HSQWP200-2

  • Selam

Introducing our 8-inch Heavy Duty Axial Flow Pump! The HSQWP series hydraulic axial flow pump is the safest option as it is directly driven by a hydraulic power station. Made with 304 stainless steel, this pump is durable and resistant to deformation. Designed specifically for customers who require high lift and high flow rates, this pump can reach a maximum lift of 14 meters - the highest axial flow pump lift in China! With a maximum flow rate of 650m3/h, this pump is efficient and fast, making it perfect for emergency situations. Compared to slurry pumps, axial flow pumps have a larger flow rate and faster drainage speed. Get your hands on our Heavy Duty Axial Flow Pump today and experience the power and efficiency it has to offer!

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