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80 HP Hydraulic Power Station for SELAM

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  • HYP80

  • Selam

Introducing the 80HP Power Station, a mobile hydraulic power unit that is perfect for a wide range of hydraulic tools and applications. This powerful unit is driven by an engine that powers a gear pump, which generates pressure by meshing with oil from the tank. The mechanical energy from the engine is then transformed into hydraulic pressure, which is regulated by an integrated valve block that controls direction, pressure, and flow. The hydraulic oil is then delivered through external pipelines to various hydraulic tools, providing a reliable source of hydraulic power.

The 80HP Power Station is made up of an engine, hydraulic gear pump, foldable handle, solid mobile wheels, timer, 12V charging port/12V DC output port, and a tank. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to move around, while its powerful performance ensures that it can handle even the toughest jobs with ease. Whether you're working on construction sites, industrial facilities, or any other hydraulic application, the 80HP Power Station is the perfect solution for all your hydraulic power needs. So why wait? Invest in the 80HP Power Station today and experience the power of hydraulic technology like never before!

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