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47HP Skid-mounted Double Acting Hydraulic Power Pack

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  • CHYP47

  • Selam

1. Product description

47HP skid-mounted hydraulic power unit is a customizable product from Selam. It is manufactured according to customer's requirements.

It is stable and reliable to drive hydraulic tools to finish different tasks. And it can work in complicated site situation.

2. Product Features:

47 skid-mounted type hydraulic power pack can provide stable power source for hydraulic tools, such as our hydraulic sewage pumps and hydraulic submersible pumps.

1.All working parts work in hydraulic oil equipment, which has low failure rate and no risk of leakage.

2. Skid-mounted frame has good vibration resistance, and the machine is also very stable when it is running under load.

3. External hydraulic filter, easy to replace.

4. 47HP skid-mounted type hydraulic power pack is designed with a control panel. So it is easy to control and monitor state of equipment.

5. The fuel tank is equipped with an electronic fuel gauge display, which can monitor the fuel quantity in real time.

3. Fields of product application

Municipal emergency repair and drainage, urban flood control and drainage, inspection well and sewer pipe cleaning and sewage discharge, construction site drainage: water intake from rivers, ditches, and lakes for drought resistance, fire fighting, water supply, sea water extraction, explosion-proof areas, etc.

The 47HP hydrualic power pack is a kind of customizable product. If you have any other requirements, please contact us, we will provide customized service according to your needs.

WhatsApp: +8618355335420

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