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Trailer Mounted Diesel Engine with Drainage Water Pump

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  • HZP150-550-20

  • Selam

Low fuel consumption, effectively reducing operating costs

﹒ Further improve fuel economy by optimizing the control strategy and combining the actual operating conditions of the equipment

﹒ The advanced product platform and optimized design make the economic fuel consumption area of the engine wider, which is 5-8% more fuel-efficient than the same type of engine

Less maintenance costs and maintenance time, greatly reducing the loss of work delays in peak seasons

﹒ Longer equipment maintenance cycle up to 400 hours

﹒ The failure rate is low, the average maintenance time and cost are about half of the same type of engine, and the working time is longer

﹒ The size of the engine is smaller than similar engines, the maintenance space is large, and the maintenance is faster

﹒ Strong interchangeability, more convenient equipment upgrade

(If you have special requirements on material, flow, head requirements, we can provide you with customized products)

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