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8 Inch Heavy Type Hydraulic Axial Flow Pump

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  • HSQWP200C

  • Selam

Product description of the axial flow pump:

1. Transmission medium:

The axial flow pump can transport clean water and light sewage. The medium temperature can reach 40°C and the pH value is 4-10.

2. Performance:

Excellent water conservancy model and sophisticated production ensure that the performance requirements of users are met.

3. Sealing:

The axial flow pump adopts double mechanical seals, which can reliably prevent water leakage. Due to the large axial force, large pumps use special thrust bearings with reasonable structural design, sufficient lubrication, good heat dissipation, and long bearing service life.

4. Motor:

The motor adopts F-class insulation, high temperature resistance, and is equipped with temperature protection, monitoring, leakage and other alarm devices.

5. Control mode:

The axial flow pump can be equipped with an electronic control cabinet with a control mode of one control, two to one control four. When a fault occurs, the pump automatically shuts down, the backup pump automatically starts, and functions such as fault signals (self-diagnosis) are retained to ensure smooth operation. High reliability.

6. Operating status:

The axial flow pump is submerged in the water, the cooling conditions are good, the pump operation is well balanced, stable, with small vibration and low noise.

7. Environmentally friendly:

Users can design underground pumping stations according to their needs, thereby improving the environment.

8. Economical:

The pumping station is small in scale, the civil building structure is simple, and the investment is greatly reduced. It can reduce the cost of the pumping station project by 30%-40%.

9. Installation and maintenance:

The machine and pump are integrated, saving time, effort and cost during installation and maintenance.

10. High efficiency and energy saving:

Product serialization, water pump with wide efficient area, in line with user working conditions, high efficiency, energy saving, and low operating cost.

11. Remote control:

realize remote control and unattended convenience.

Precautions of the axial flow pump:

Please note that for special applications or specific operating conditions, specific configuration or operating requirements may be required. Therefore, during actual use, it should be ensured that it complies with relevant operating specifications and safety standards.

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