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550HP-600HP High Pressure Open Skid-mounted Hydraulic Power Pack

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  • CHYP550

  • Selam

1.Product description

CHYP550 skid-mounted hydraulic power unit is a product manufactured by Selam. It is a kind of customizable product according to customers.

It can provide outdoor power source for hydraulic tools without rish of leakage.

2.Advantages of product:

1. Efficiency: Large hydraulic power stations are usually equipped with advanced hydraulic systems that can effectively transfer energy to complete a large amount of work in a short time.

2. Reliability: The hydraulic system has high reliability and stability and can maintain normal operation in various environments.

3. Power output: Large hydraulic power stations can provide huge power output and are suitable for the operation of heavy equipment and machines.

4. Automated control: Modern hydraulic systems are usually equipped with automated control systems, which can achieve precise control and operation and improve production efficiency.

5. Easy maintenance: The maintenance of the hydraulic system is relatively simple, and the replacement cycle of the hydraulic oil is long, which can reduce maintenance costs.

6. Wide application: Large hydraulic power stations are widely used in engineering machinery, mining machinery, port transportation, shipbuilding and other fields.

7. Energy saving and environmental protection: The hydraulic system has high energy utilization efficiency, and the hydraulic oil can be recycled and has little impact on the environment.

3. Fields of product application

Petrochemical industry, mine crushing, large hydraulic equipment, fixed hydraulic pump drainage pump station, fire extinguishing water supply, seawater pumping, explosion-proof area, etc.

If you have special requirements on material, flow rate, head ,appearance etc, please contact us, we can provide you with non-standard products according to your needs.

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