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40KW-100KW High Pressure Electric Hydraulic Power Pack

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  • EHYP45

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Product Introduction of 45KW Electric Hydraulic Power Pack

The 45 kw electric power pack can be called the majority of modern technology, which combines the most advanced power electronics technology and excellent motor control algorithm. This not only gives it high energy efficiency, but also users bring stable and continuous power output. The power station represents the reliability and durability of industrial level, which can meet the needs of various high load work scenarios.

Product Characteristics of 45KW Electric Hydraulic Power Pack

45kw electric power packs can be set up and multi -circuit, freely set according to the amount of fuel supply and pressure of the equipment, and runs reliable, stable, and low noise. The 45kw electric power pack has the following characteristics.

1. All motion components work in a relatively closed hydraulic oil environment, and it is difficult to enter the dirt. In this way, it not only guarantees that the hydraulic power station has simple maintenance, low failure rate, and long service life.

2 The device structure is compact and runs smoothly. It can be placed in a tool car or a fixed hydraulic pump station.

3. Diesel engine drive, configure large -capacity hydraulic fuel tanks and high -efficiency cooling systems to make the machine work for a long time.

4. Steel is made of pry frame, good vibration resistance, and the machine is also very stable when the load is running.

5. External hydraulic filter, convenient replacement.

6. There is a one -click stop button, which can be quickly stopped when encountering an emergency to ensure the safety of personnel, machines and equipment.

7. Equipped with a timing table for convenience and maintenance.

8. The fuel fuel tank is equipped with an electronic fuel meter display to monitor the amount of oil in real time.

Product Parameters of 45KW Electric Hydraulic Power Pack

The flow of this 45 kw electric power pack can reach 80-100 L/min, and the work pressure can reach 180 Bar. It is started by electricity. The hydraulic fuel tank of this power station has 100 L, and the fuel tank has 80 L. It can store enough fuel capacity to provide power to use it longer. The Weichai's diesel engine is used. And the engine can be customized according requirements. The overall weight is 580 kg.

Applicable Scenarios of 45KW Electric Hydraulic Power Pack

This 45 kw electric power pack is suitable for petrochemical, crushed mines, large hydraulic equipment, fixed hydraulic pump drainage pumping stations, fire fire extinguishing water supply, seawater extraction, explosion -proof areas, etc.

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