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3 Inch 304 Stainless Steel Lightweight Hydraulic Slurry Pump

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  • HSP80

  • Selam

1. Product description

Material: cast steel/stainless steel (304)/duplex steel (2205)

Parameter : Flow rate 65-120m3/h, Head 10-25m (Accept product customization requirements)

2. Fields of product application

Municipal emergency repair and drainage, urban flood control and drainage, inspection well and sewer pipe cleaning and sewage discharge, construction site drainage: water intake from rivers, ditches, and lakes for drought resistance, fire fighting, water supply, sea water extraction, explosion-proof areas, etc.

3. Product Features:

1. HSP80 hydraulic slurry pump (sewage pump) is directly driven by the hydraulic power pack system, without the risk of leakage.

2. The vortex design of the pump impeller has the characteristics of longer service life, high reliability, and the ability to extract large solid particle.

3. The pump body is light in weight and easy to move.

4. With hydraulic quick connector, easy to operate.

4. Installation method:

Mobile installation, fixed installation.

5. Parameters Table:


If you have special requirements on material, flow rate, head ,appearance etc, please contact us, we can provide you with non-standard products according to your needs.

WhatsApp: +8618355335420

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